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I have created a new client on https://user.frontierstore.net/developer (auth and capi scope) circa 2 weeks ago, but shared key is still inactive. Is there any procedure to activate this key? I've created a support ticket, but I have got a response that Customer support are unable to provide a lot of help in this matter. They suggested me to ask on forums about it - so I am asking :) What can I do to activate a shared key?

I put in an application about 3-4 weeks ago for my app as well and I have gotten nothing back. I opened a support ticket and they just replied that they don't provide dedicated support to third party developers and all i asked was about having the shared key activated.
As it will perhaps help others. If you application ends up needing to use the PKCE authorization flow then you don't even need the Shared Key. It's only utilised when using the Refresh Token to get a new Access Token (which expires after 4 hours) for non-PKCE "Secret Clients".

For anyone else looking at using Frontier's oAuth2 for the CAPI I've started updating my fd-api project documentation: https://github.com/Athanasius/fd-api
It's very much still a work in progress. I've gotten the PKCE authorization flow pinned down, and the CAPI /profile end point as an example to test what happens with Access and Refresh tokens. As I finish other projects I might get back to this and flesh out the CAPI documentation more.
Word from Frontier is that "we will be revising the existing system to better account for new and upcoming community developers", but no further information or ETA on it at this time.
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