Capital Ships MUST Be able to be DESTROYED

Capital Ships must actually be capable of being Destroyed/Blown Up.

We as Players, are no longer mislead to believe that you can kill a Power-Play Boss. We get it, you don't want to have to actually change Characters upon the movement of the Galaxy by the players of Elite Dangerous. Even though that was a major selling point when I first became interested in the game.

So, what are we left with? The most pathetic mechanic in the ENTIRE game..."Capital Ships sustaining damage until at ZERO, then just scooting away into witch-space, then returning in a few minutes at 100% Health." None the less for the wear & tear of multiple ships dropping loads of damage onto it. Absolutely Pathetic.

Well, with the pending new paid content coming, and with all the new things you're planning to put in said content, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop this foolishness, and allow Capital Ships to actually be destroyed totally. I do mean BLOW UP by the way.

If you wish to maintain the status quo of the immortal Power Play Bosses, then just don't put them on the ships, and keep them out of harms way, instead of putting them in a ship that can't be destroyed. However, Non-Power Play Senators and Power Faction VIP's should be vulnerable to be Killed as well. That should be the beauty of Elite Dangerous itself.

Thank you for your Time,

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