Capping the collectible bounty at 2m makes no sense now and discourages fighting pirate cmdr’s

Walst i agree that the cap should be raised....

No players bounty can be claimed unless they want it to be. Or they make a series of stupid mistakes. So the cap can be raised to what ever you like and nothing will change because no one can claim abounty on some one who doesnt want it to be claimed. #hitpointinflation

I believe that the murderer has to pay their own bounties when they die, so it makes sense to raise the cap.

Using it as money transfer isn't particularly efficient because the wanted CMDR loses loads of money each time.

With VO and double painite mining how they are, I see no reason to keep bounties capped.

I just just lift the lid and see how things go, it's not like you can't put it back.
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