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Career objective not rewarding star


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Career Mode

Hello, I am at the last mission of the career mode and I am asked to create a roller coaster with minimum 8 excitement, no more than 5 in fear, an average speed of minimum 56 km / h as well as main fall from to Less than 100 m.

I think I have fulfilled all these conditions and yet I do not get the success of this long awaited mission ... (enthusiasm 8, fear 4.99, as well as a main fall of 104 m and an average speed of 56 km / h
Is this a bug or so I misunderstood something?
I have a screen for proof

Need a solution to my problem thanks

Sorry for my English (i use the google traductor)

Steps to Reproduce


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hey AbsoluT,

Thanks for the report.

I renamed the thread for you.

Did you create this coaster from scratch?

We're aware of a rounding error preventing these objectives from triggering.

Where it says you have excitement 8 you might actually have 7.999 rounded up to 8.

This could be the same with any of the others that are right on the required number.

We're currently looking into this issue, sorry for the frustration caused.