Carnival/Traveling Fair Mode/simulation game suggestion

I would like to see a game or a game mode added that would allow a player to run there very own carnival/traveling fair business you would start out with six rides four carnival games a couple generators 2 food portable food stalls trails six semis/ Lori's a small garage and yard for the off season this would serve as your HQ and where major repairs and maintenance on your rides how ever you will experience an occasion breakdown or red flag during pre opening inspections which are required before opening at any event to ensure the rides are safe you will also start with one bunk house which will need a pick up truck with a fifth wheel players will have one ticket booth one fork lift to place the ticket booth in there desired location after this the player will begin hiring and training staff such as elections ride operators concessions workers includes ticket booths food stalls and guest information players will have to train these works how to properly set up and tear down the carnival/fair rides food stalls ect once the player has all the essentials they can begin booking there first events these events would be small like small street fairs community and church festivals to start out with and learn the basics and advance knowledge of what it takes to run a successful carnival business once you have enough money the player can buy more rides and equipment to expand there business the player would be able to also manage multiple carnivals at the same time eventually the player will need to buy carnival offices which will travel to the events and where the play will be able to plan the next event with out leaving the current one the player will also be able to mange all there other carnivals from the mobile carnival offices form one lactation with out having to change locations or go back to the HQ if you need more details please let me know as there are no real good carnival/ traveling fair simulation games out there and would be a first frontier has a lot in games that evolve he amusement industry so I m sure they will have no problem pulling this off but it would be a lot of work
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