Carnivore combat tier list

For those of you who are wondering what is the strongest carnivore in the game don’t worry cause you will find out with this tier list I made from making them battle each other and seeing who beats who.also just know that this is all base stats so no modifications but anyway here’s my list and feel free to point out any mistakes.Also i should tell you that i could not get the claire dlc so i had to watch a lot of videos on the albertosaurus.

S tier-acrocanthosaurus(base health regen carries this dino i swear it will almost lose the indominus then it regeneratres and comes back and kills it)

A tier-indominus,indoraptor,allosaurus,trex.(sorry rex fans its get beat by allo in a 1v1).

B tier-spinosaurus,carcharadontosaurus,giganotosaurus.(the charca and the giga battles are always so close).

C tier-albertosaurus,carnotosaurus,spinoraptor,suchomimus,majungasaurus,ceratosaurus.(i thought spinoraptor would be first not third).

D tier-baryonx,metricanthosarus(poor metricanthosarus but someone had to be last).

also combat frequency was on default.
interesting. I have also done tests via battling all carnivores against each other, but have found that indominus rex and indoraptor will still win out over acro, with acro being the strongest non-hybrid carnivore. It is worth pointing out that during my battles, all carnivores were bred with no gene mods and had access to food and water so there wasn't any hp lost due to malnutrition.

I think Indominus rex barely scraped by iin my tests simply because of its higher attack, that while close, the Acro wasn't able to out-heal. I think Indoraptor gets by due to having the highest defense of any large carnivore (45, which is 9 points higher than acro's 34), in addition to having a 0.18%/s hp regen vs acro's 0.19%/s.
oh you see i feed them at the beginning of the match and take it away.they usually are able to kill each other before they get in the red zone for hunger and when you do it like that the acro out-heals both the indominus and indoraptor weird right.
I wonder if the food being taken away results in fighting slightly more frequently, and so the indominus and indoraptor dont have as much time to recoup in between fights since neither dino is getting distracted by food or water... hmm
They still have water can’t dehydrate them but I think it does cause they attack more since there getting hungrier and if they want to eat they have to kill the other Dino.the Acro wins over both since it out heals them both in the time when there both seperate but if you leave them food the hybrids will just get barley the win.
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