Carnivorous dinosaurs attack the jeep, helicopter

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Hi everyone

I had a request from the creators of the game JWE.Inside the game there are unrealistic parts that need to be corrected.
That the carnivorous dinosaurs do not attack the jeep, and this is very unrealistic, just looking at it?????
Or when the helicopter is approaching the ground, the dinosaurs just look at it.No attempt to take it ????
I ask the creators to fix this problem by an update

I have three ideas that will be interesting in the future if added to the game.

1-When the carnivorous dinosaurs escape from the cage, In addition to eating people, they also attack the power plant.
So the electricity will be difficult and the more dinosaurs will escape.

2-DLC to be published The shape of the buildings will be parked like the Jurassic park version And the dinosaur's skin will be included in Jurassic Park version

3-A third person will be added to the game, So we can go to the park with that person And carnivorous dinosaurs can also attack us.

And in the end I thank the creators for their great work
Always succeed in their work

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