Parks Carowinds 2018 Planet Coaster

Enjoy I have changed some things around since these pictures.

Whole Park


Disregard the ugly square building near Intimidator its gone
Some more updates, Just showing the area I have gone through. Started on Rip Roarin Rapids, (I'm working on the queue cant make a dual station) Vortex started working on that. Enjoy none the less.

Just another update

Showing off Ricochet and Goldrusher some.

New update not much of a major update started working on Panda Express and area around Harmony Hall. I placed some rides in areas to see how I am doing. Just little teaser stuff. Enjoy

Panda Express and Harmony Hall

Woodstock Express (I am going to compress the size some)

You can see the big dog in the background

Just some small updates started on Kiddy Hawk and Carousel park area

Disregard Fury325 in the background not final was just doing a test fitting

Im back was taking a break from the game.

Starting around Afterburn and showing off Hurler some. I am bouncing around areas so I can see what all I am going to be adjusting.

Don't mind Fury in the background. That is more of a placement thing.
Just a new update kind of loss some interest in the game but getting back into it.

Worried about spacing in this area. I know its not right. Going to try and figure something out with it

So just a small update as I have had to move somethings around.

Intimidator has been moved over some so I can fit more of Camp Snoopy in properly.

Also I worked on the queue that way it is not a full queue path just scenery

Beginning of Carousel. Im trying to make this roof right

Hurler station

Also don't pay attention to the supports and or FURY I am just beginning to place to see where I am at.

As always enjoy and please give any feedback you know I am not a master at this game but its fun for me
So just some updates hopefully you enjoy. I had a big learning time with some placement and I am having to adjust some areas. Specifically the old county fair area. I moved them farther away to maybe be able to fit some more of the park in. This is just some updates I am slowly working on and also showing where I am in the process

Theather construction

Fury starting to come in to play
Some more of my Carowinds Park. I drained myself again. So just doing some small stuff added the campground not sure how I feel about it and added some guys. Also working on the arcade near wings restaurant

As always enjoy

So a new update Camp Snoopy is in full swing. Some rides will not be there they will just be represented due to either not available or size

As always enjoy and please comment and let me know how you feel.
Just some new updates redid the front entrance ticket and guest services and starting on Chickies Restaurant

Tickets area

Guest Services

Chickies Restaurant

I hope before the new year I will have the park pretty much done.
Its done.

Welcome to my first full park recreation. This park took a lot of time and I learned a lot from the game with this park. I am not going to lie there is some rough areas of the park and some areas look incomplete. You are correct I pretty much was over the park as far as what I have done. I would like to thank the multiple workshop items that I used such as Fury Tunnel, Carowinds logo, Carowinds Building, Diner, Camp Snoopy areas. and all. Some of Camp Snoopy looks off due to the flat rides not available and the space needed. Dinos Alive has nothing just a few trees no dinos. A lot of the restaurants just have random food buildings just to fill that in. I kept the coasters as accurate as possible, I did not do custom scenery. I had a fun time and I plan to make a Carowinds 2019 but as a whole new park. Thank you again to all who assisted me in this first big Planet Coaster Journey.
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