Roller Coasters Carowinds Fury 325 (Recreation)

Over the course of the last month, I have been working on a recreation of Fury 325. So far I only have the lift hill and most of the queue area finished. I'm currently working on the station building, gift shop, and front plaza area to finish up the queue area. As soon as I have pictures uploaded to my imgur gallery, I will share them here. This project will take me a while to complete and once it's finished, I will open the park to everyone to see (if that's possible?). I need to figure out a way that, once people have access to the park, that they will be able to hear the Lift Hill Audio. I may have to link the audio file somehow when I open the park. This file you can place in your "User's" folder like any other music file for the game, then add this file to the ride by clicking on the ride and going to "customization" then adding the file track to the ride.
Thanks! I'll do that ext time I have an update.
As of two days ago, I was limited on the steepness of the first drop (to 75* I think).
But after the winder update, I was able to increase the max angle of decent to what it's supposed to be (80*).
I had to demolish the lift hill entirely. The angle of incline was not right (now it is at 39.95* as close to 40 as I can get for some reason). I've increased the accuracy of the first drop and next I will re-create the supports again and finish up the station and queue area.
I managed to make a working FAA Regulation Light for the lift hill:
Here is the first video of my construction series for Fury 325.

Honestly, this deserves so much more credit. One of (if not the) best recreation(s) in game [up]
The details are awesome. Can't wait to see more of this.
I've managed to record in-park audio and use it in game. I've recorded the sound of the Chain Lift Motor, the Chain Anti rollback, the lift hill audio spiel, the queue line audio spiel, and even the Trim Brake Reset Audio (not heard in the video link). Below is a link to a video where the audio is sampled and heard in-game:

After recording this however, I have just had to re-edit some of the audio because it was slightly timed incorrectly.
and ignore the roughness of the pov, I am still building the layout.
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The Station and theming looks really good, but i think the top of the lift hill needs to be more rounded and also to be a little bit longer for a larger radius.
Look at this picture for reference.
Would make your recreation more perfekt if you can do that :)
^^No need to redo something that I spent 6 hours getting as accurate as possible...

Here is a short clip I posted a while back where I had a tracing of the blueprints and layered it over my monitor. then built and smoothed the hill and drop under it. It took way too long, but it's near perfect.
Trust me, the drop is almost as perfect as you can get it.
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I'm tackling another build "The Haunted Mansion" with 10 times as much detail. Which is in the "track rides" forum.
I got tired of working on Fury all the time and wanted to start the next recreation XD