Carrier Market Price Limit must be changed

Dear Frontier,
if you want people to use Carriers actively in any sense of that word, give us the tools to do so.

The 1000% Gal Avg limit completly breaks any oportunity to use a carrier for trading via setting up an actual player driven economy. Why? Because the only commodity currently being seeked by players (LTDs) has a Gal Avg too low to allow carrier owners to set competitive pricing... Nobody will sell LTDs to a carrier for 570k Cr per ton. So if you want to use carriers for profit in trading you just use them as 25000 ton cargo hauler, nothing more, nothing less. Because there is no other option to actualy make them profitable!

I'd love to buy LTDs at a price competitive not only to other carriers but to stations as well. Example: I'd gladly be buying LTDs at/above market price of 1-1,2mil per ton during a week and then when the oportunity arrises jump the carrier and offload them into a station for 1,6-1,7mil per ton, but with the current system we aren't able to create such a player driven economy and that in my honest opinion must be changed, please...

Best regards, CMDR Uba98cz.

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