Carrier - unable to outfit my own ships anymore ?

i seem to be unable to outfit my personal ships on my carrier anymore - i do not have the outfitting module but i was always able to complete this prior to odyssey's launch.
i was however on a 3-5 month hiatus from the game - so i am just wondering if this is a bug or an intended change ?

i should add - i can see all my stored modules / weapons . - i can remove modules but when i go to add the only items that show are the already equipped(if any) , the correct numbers of items are shown but now categories or breakdowns are available.
just incase it affects anyone else
i am able to equip if i go in via stored modules , goto weapon and choose transfer to ship - this will equip it. ship loadout allows me to then remove but once removed it is no longer available to readd and i need to go back into stored modules
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