Cauldrons - 3 sizes, 4 different metal textures

Hey fellow planco creators,

In my current project I was missing cauldrons in the game, so after I made them I would like to share them with you!
I hope you like it :) They are hollow so you can use them to put whatever stuff in there.
It's a collection of 4 different metal texture cauldrons in 3 different sizes. You can download them individually or as a collection of 12 cauldrons.


  • Brass small (50 cm)
  • Brass medium (65 cm)
  • Brass large (80 cm)

  • Copper small (50 cm)
  • Copper medium (65 cm)
  • Copper large (80 cm)

  • Iron small (50 cm)
  • Iron medium (65 cm)
  • Iron large (80 cm)

  • Pewter small (50 cm)
  • Pewter medium (65 cm)
  • Pewter large (80 cm)
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I've used some of these quite often since you added them. VERY useful. Very well done. (y)
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