Caustic Damage?

How do you prevent damage? After engaging a few small thargoids I noticed my hull at 20%, it kept going down till eventuly destroying the ship. Can you repair this type of damage? are shields useless? any help plz?
I assume you're hunting scouts.
In this case try to:
  • avoid toxic clouds which remains after scout destruction
  • evade caustic missiles (this is quite possible, they have limited speed and "dies" rather fast)
I have decontamination limpets always during the hunting, but they are not always required. But it is nice to have them because I can kill scout in front of me or catch missile fired very close my ship.
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Quick question - does the meta alloy armour you can get form tech brokers prevent caustic damage or just reduce it?

But usually people prefer invest into hull HP instead of caustic resistance.
sometimes (in case of size 1 and 2 hrp) it maybe slightly better to use a guardian hrp instead of a human one engineered with g5 heavy duty / deep plate and it saves a lot of materials - of course if one has surplus of power available to accommodate ghrp
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