Cavernous Coasters map.

Hi there guys/girls,

I am looking for some tips to win the new cavernous coasters carreer map! :(

I'm having a hard time keeping the numbers in the positives and a hard time earning money to build stuf.

Already started over 4x to try a different approach.

Some tips would be welcome!
I had to ask around first, too.

i won with some helpfull tips from other guys on here.

1. Delete the Radius.
2. Move the Zipper right next to the entrance.
3. Build some flatrides near to eachother.
4. add a toilet/first aid and make them $1
5. adjust the prices on everything.
6. wait for money to get a coaster.


What do you change about the prices because if i ajust them to high ppl complain and don't go into rides or buy food/drinks.

What do you change about the prices because if i ajust them to high ppl complain and don't go into rides or buy food/drinks.
You get some feedback from the peeps regarding the pricing. If they state, "Blah Blah is great value!", you are not charging enough. If they state, "I'm not paying that much for XZ", or "X is too expensive", then you are charging too much. Balance the pricing to where you don't see any messages on pricing.
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Ok, even with the updates, this map is killing. I have started over 6 times and I just can't make money and overcome the prestige sink on every ride. I tried charging park admission and everything between, is anyone else having this much trouble?
This is probably the most difficult scenario in Planet Coaster. The way I succeeded was to charge Admission $20 (start) and use scenery to get 100% queue rating to earn the maximum price for rides. Scenery is a big deal!. Give the rides good scenery ratings, queues 100%. Limit your crew to the smallest crew possible. Make a small park and cram it with rides. Use only one maintenance guy and janitor. Don't pay them well, let them quit and rehire. Limit food booths to one drink and food. Make sure you have Bloons and Hats. Research early! Build a good (all green stats) small rollercoaster that's not costly in sandbox which you can blueprint into the scenario when you have the coin. Once in the park load the coaster up with scenery to squeeze the most profit. Try to stay in the black for 25 years and bam! you have classic status and things start to roll. Once you have two, maybe three coasters. Close the park, let all the guests leave then reopen park to get the 3 month profit bit.

Unfortunately, this was my least favorite of all the scenarios as you just have to maintain slight profit for 25 years by constantly nitpicking away at costs of rides and entrance fees, rehiring and placing maintenance guys and all the while loading rides with scenery to keep the guests interested. Keep your eyes on profit margins, that's the key to success. A ride doesn't always have to earn money as long as your park's overall profit is! Good luck, it took me 3 times.
maintain slight profit for 25 years .
❤❤❤︎. 25 years of game play!!!!! I came here to look at what others were doing to beat this stupid scenario but Is this really the only way? I was enjoying the game until I loaded this pile of plop. Who builds a scanerio in a cavern, especially when their camera has a problem with terrain and jumps all over the shop? Really, come on Frontier, this game is supposed to be about coasters and having fun, not fighting the same problems you created with the camera in RCT3 or dealing with rides aging after a few months. #notthecoastersimofmydreams !!!![mad]
Having some issues huh? This is one scenario made to really test your skills as a manager. Is it all that bad that Planet Coaster has given us a very challenging scenario?Your problem with camera can be adjusted. Aging can now be turned off, (but not for this park) and If you want to build rollercoasters, sandbox is a great place to experiment with building anything including rollercoasters. Not only that, Challenge mode really gives you a taste of just about everything in the game , so I'm not sure what your beef is? The career mode is more about management, which some players have criticized as not being all that managerial.. but, I digress..

As far as the scenario goes you have to beat the reputation (aging). The only way to do that is to really be on top of your management of ride prices, park entry prices, vendor prices, staff management, ride sequences, and line queue ratings. Also understanding peeps and their wants and needs. There may be some really good managers out there that have beat this before 25 years but I didn't. I would suggest starting a challenge mode park in medium or hard difficulty and getting used to the mechanics of aging/rep before attempting to do this particular scenario. It is possible, I think my tips above should help, but if you don't have patience to work through it, sorry probably not going to happen for you.
I completed in ~4 years using the strategy outlined by audiotrash. You can see from his screenshot that he did it in 2 years.
I think we will have to agree to differ PC_OCD. I want a fun coaster and theme park sim not 25 years of toilet tycoon. I hope in future they develop more coaster building challenges and less about plonking flat rides and scenery.

In terms of the camera what adjustments have you found work as the flicking is terrible
Patience is a virtue is my only answer. There are so many ways to enjoy this game. Many options for building theme parks and rollercoasters and you're being awfully critical about one level that you're stuck on, One level that can obviously be done in 2 years, and now you think the game outright sucks? Unfair assessment. In fact, I'm going to try this level again. James187 has motivated me to try to beat it in 2-4 years.

I have no "flicking". Not sure what that is but maybe a bad graphics card or incorrect resolution settings.
There are mouse and camera sensitivity options. I have mouse sensitivity set to -3. I think everything else is default and I have no issues with graphics at all.
I want a fun coaster and theme park sim not 25 years of toilet tycoon.

So, it didn't take me long, and IT WAS FUN! thank you for peeking my interest into this challenge once again. One try. It took me two years. I didn't research anything. I put rides up fast and beat the age clock. It just takes some knowledge of the game and actually, its pretty simple. I used audiotrash's suggestions. They work well. here you go blob:

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Well done. Right, as its snowing I'll try the 2 year challenge <edit> completed it in one year and a few months. plonk plonk plonk flat ride plonk toilet plonk first aid build dull coaster. Guess my problem before was I was seeking some techinical skill, research, building multiple coasters, creativity, enjoyment??? Camera is still catching the terrain above and flying off...
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I will agree that the first time I completed this (25 years [rolleyes]!), it was the same for me. I researched and tried too hard to make an enjoyable park with a well made coaster. I tend to do that. I like things done well, I'm a little obsessive, but my other park for this same scenario turned out really cool with 4 rollercoasters and lots of scenery. Looking back I'm sure my management skills weren't up to par and I'd probably do some things much differently now. I apologize if I misguided anyone above.. [ugh]

I'll also agree about the reputation/age mechanic. I like the idea but its not practical. It initially happens too fast then takes too long to reverse. There have been many complaints about it and the devs gave us an option to turn it off for all but this one particular career path. They have also mentioned that they are thinking of reworking it but that's an entire thread in itself, here:

Anyways, In considering that, for this map, you have to race the clock. Thinking in line with RTS sort of games.. Warcraft or Command and Conquer (showing my age here) you have to work fast but, Its still fun. Just different and yeah, ok, making a park in a hole probably wasn't the best move but man, you're harsh on one scenario in a hole. I didn't have much trouble with it even when I built 4 coasters. Bashing the entire game down because of one career scenario? Really?
This scenario is only one, that you didn't enjoy, of 18, Personally I didn't like the sci-fi map Night Encounters, where I couldn't build coasters, For a coaster game, I thought that was nonsense but Planet Coaster is still a fine game. Overall, the game is really well made and very fun to play. There is so much more to Planet Coaster than this one scenario. Try a challenge map and have some fun with it, I think you'll see what I mean.
Now I've spent too much time on this thread... feels like 25 years [tongue]
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I think you get me wrong, I'm not dissing the game. In principle its great and as an original fan of the genre from the beginning, yes I'm an oldie too. It just annoys me that after all this time and endless feedback, especially with the bugs in RCT3 launch, there are some basics which have been overlooked yet again.

The camera is better than RCt3 but still clunky and catches terrain which makes it harder to build. Scenarios look great, I actually prefer them to sandbox but I want to be challenged and to be creative. Now I've played them all the general feeling I get is that if you just plonk flat rides, make cash, plonk more, some blueprint scenery, you can beat most easily. Theres the odd coaster build but this is PLANET COASTER - I want scenaiors about building coasters please Frontier.

BTW PC_OCD apologies if you thought my comment about 25 years was directed at you, it wasn't, I was just amazed if that had been the only way to beat that scenario, lol.

Now yes, I agree, we've washed this one to death so time to move on. I'm half way through Back from the Brink, which looks strangly like Thorpe Park in England? lol. Happy playing all...
I took the same approach as you guys my first 3 playthru's, and failed each one. I had to search the forums for the solution and use that.

This was the only scenario I couldn't complete without help. Was it more difficult that the others? Yes. Was it fun? Hell no.

Most of the scenario's are too easy with objectives that almost fulfil themselves, and many have criticised this, but this scenario is artificially hard with seemingly only 2 options, play the strategy in this thread and build tight, charge high, or sit out the aging, as PC_OCD did (BTW, I admire your patience. not fun watching a struggling park operate for 25 years).

I hope that in future career scenarios we get better thought out objectives, that actually challenge us in fun ways, but there are buckets of posts on this already.
I took the same approach as you guys my first 3 playthru's, and failed each one. I had to search the forums for the solution and use that.

This was the only scenario I couldn't complete without help. Was it more difficult that the others? Yes. Was it fun? Hell no.
Oh I know the feeling, on my third try now and starting to hate the hole with a passion....
I have been blazing through these with 5 stars under my belt today... currently on Cavernous Coasters. (I should add I've only been playing sporadically over the past month)
So far have found this one rather easy. Currently just started May and achieved Bronze while reading this topic.
My biggest issues are creating coasters which I can't do to save myself.
To get bronze and £2k profit immediately just build The Cube beside the kick flip. I am charging as follows
Kick Flip - £9
The Cube - £11.50
Radius Deep - £6.70

I put a toilet right in front of the food and drink places and have learnt to always charge £1 (no one complains and its income) I also upped individual prices of the food and drinks by 20p/20c whatever currency we use in this game.

I always use viola flowers down each side of my queues to get 100% scenery which helps you to charge more (currently in this process now) Will update with Silver and Gold later (if I don't fall asleep Zzzzz)

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