Cedar Point coming to Planet Coaster!!!

Finally. Can’t wait to check out your version. There were so many incomplete versions on the workshop, as well as versions with an off layout. A few rides I would like to bring back virtually would be Pirate Ride and Paddlewheel Excursions, well there is a new boat ride coming this year sort of where Paddlewheel was. My home park is Dorney Park and Cedar Fair bought it in 1992. They turned it into a mini Cedar Point with new additions like Coasters Drive In, a Snake River Falls clone called White Water Landing, Steel Force, which is like Magnum, and they got Demon Drop from Cedar Point and rebuilt it. That caused a loss of the surviving bumper car ride, they used to have two, so for several years they were without bumper cars. But, a few years ago they got a new version called Dodgem.
This carousel cover looks more like the Midway Carousel one at Cedar Point. I deleted yours and put this one in it's place and made a few modifications to the entrance and exits. I moved the exit because a post was in the way. I couldn't though delete the stub of the old exit path because it would delete an entire area of path that would be hard to rebuild the way it was. So I just left it there. One thing that bugs me about the larger carousel, it spins the "wrong" way because it's based on a UK carousel. US carousels spin counter clockwise. The Venetian in the game does, but it's kind of small. I like how the entire park fits in the map and the layout looks mostly correct.

2020-04-08 15_42_58-Planet Coaster.jpg
https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/authentic-piece-pirate-ride-mural-252818501 I can’t believe they just trashed the ride in 1997 except for some pirates and other things some of which made their way into this guy’s collection. I rode it about 20 times during my only visit to Cedar Point in 1995. There is a boat car from the ride on display in the cp museum. That mural image I can use in Planet Coaster on a billboard. I’ll just cut it out from the picture. There is a small piece missing because it was removed from the mural. My local park, Dorney Park was bought by Cedar Fair in 1992 and they had a ride similar to Pirate Ride called Devil’s Cave, then Pirate’s Cove from 1962-1974, and Bucket O’ Blood until Sept. 28, 1983. It burned down and only a few ride cars survived and are owned by a guy in York, PA who also owns cars from other defunct rides and is trying to build a dark ride. I think some of the Pirate Ride building is now used for the Boo Hill funhouse in the fall.
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