Celebration of Early Astronomy Expedition

I just saw this this expedition, thinking I might give it a go if I can get back to the bubble in time.
Does it matter that I'm on xbox?
Love the idea, and I've even already visited many of these sort of locations in The Ronin. Still making my way back to The Bubble Mk I from DW2, currently laying over at Jaques Station.

Not sure I'll be up for another expedition in time for this (I'm rather slow going with bursts of travel now and then, and keeping up with expeditions in particular in a timely fashion isn't forgiving on my ship), but I've bookmarked it all the same just in case.

Happy trails. o7
I've always preferred undiscovered areas over already known locations, so such an expedition looks very tempting to me. Should be a nice change.

If I manage to get back to the Bubble, prepare a new ship and do a short test-drive on time, I'll suspend my career as a hermit for 10 weeks. ;)
Yeah this expedition caught my attention since it's hitting less common expedition targets, and they're real astronomical objects, some with historical significance. The hardest part for me is picking a ship, because I like them all for different reasons. I think my list of exploration builds has 14 ships that I've used so far. :D
Nah, I don't believe that for a second ;)

Oh, you have no idea how often this becomes an internal struggle. It's like "I could fly this one, because of X feature... but then I'd have to give up Y on this other ship." This is how I ended up flying 3 different ships in DW2. ;) :D
I thought I had registered through EDSM but have added myself now through the links provided above! Looking forward to this!
Thanks for updating with the Galmap overlay! That'll really help my pre-launch planning; I'm collecting photos for the GMP, all near the Western leg of CEA, so I may not need to rush to get them all before launch.
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