Cenozoic dlc

I mean, there's clearly a demand for more prehistoric animals. And it looks like we're not going to have prehistoric mammals in Jurassic World Evolution any time soon. So it's pretty logical that people are pinning their hope on this game.

Honestly, if this game doesn't include any extinct animals, I likely won't get the game.
Good point.. I love the prehistoric mammals and I really hope we get a DLC with them included and maybe we can 'hide' the prehistoric creatures with a setting in the menu if we just want a 'present day' zoo and don't want to see them in the menu at that time so we can be a bit organized.
Extinct as in non-existing I presume.

I thought DNA cloning only happened in JWE and is technically not possible with extinct animals?

(I know it's a game, nobody need to remind me of that, but I believe this game is supposed to be based upon real life stuff, and that would be my preference as well).
Doesn't sound like a succes. So the conclusion is that it's (still) not possible in real life.
I’m personally not interested in prehistoric animals. There’s already games that really focus on keeping these animals ( the Jurassic game) id rather see more current animals than blasts from the past, like maybe marine based animals :)
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