Cenozoic dlc

It would be interesting to have extinct Animals not only just to have them in the Park, but also to help Scientists learn more about them and to release Animals that where wiped out by Humans back to the Wild. If there will be this kind of Expansion, I think there would be no possibility to release Dinosaurs back to the Wild because the Introduction of new Species to a Ecosystem can cause big harm to the Ecosystem
Yeah, releasing extinct animals back the wild should only apply to animals that have gone extinct recently otherwise it would just cause ecological damage and likely lead to other animals going extinct.

Dinosaurs and other long-lost animals would be about research and education only. Living history, basically.

They could be the sort of exhibit that helps increase the attendance of scientifically-minded guests and children.
That's why I feel extinct animals are best left to expansion packs because then it is up to the individual player to decide how realistic they want their zoo to be.
I'm not against a paid DLC with dinosaurs or other extinct animals for those people that want them, I'll simply don't buy it.

Recreating extinct animals would very much be about research and education because it would be one of the ultimate ways to learn about an animal and its behavior. For example, how did it move? What colors did it posses? How would it tackle a challenge?
At the state of the art there are no extinct animals (like dodo etc... I know that some people are "recreating" quaggas and uros retrobreeding certain types of zebras or certain races of cows) in zoos, so educate about them it's not a goal of the modern zoos. (About dino and other extinct species models, even my city zoo has them, and when I was a tour guide in that zoo I educated tourists and kids even about them, it was a good way to speak and introduce about extinction of the modern animals... but here we are speaking about live animals roaming in your zoo).

If extinct animals could be recreated and safely housed in real life, you'd definitely see some in a zoo somewhere.
I trust it and when it'll be, l'll be glad to have those extinct animals in my Planet Zoo, my wish is that this game reflect the state of the art of the actual zoos that, at the moment, don't host extinct live animals.
There’s a huge difference in animals that have gone extinct in the past 5-10 years and animals that went extinct hundred(s) of years ago. Sorry but you can’t say “well I hope any animals they have in planet zoo doesn’t go extinct, otherwise it’s not accurate” that’s not what people are saying when it comes to extinct animals. People want animals that are relevant and current and most species that are extinct in the wild still exist in captivity.
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