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Federal Surveillance Identifies Domestic Terrorists

21 APR 3307
The Proactive Detection Bureau, which monitors all civilian communications in the Federation, has detected several home-grown terrorist groups.

Deputy Director Bethany Blake of the Federal Investigations Agency told the media:

“Our combination of sophisticated algorithms and skilled operatives has unearthed over a dozen extremist organisations, all previously unknown. The FIA launched pre-emptive raids on these groups before they were able to strike against civilian targets.”

“In addition, we have arrested several thousand individuals who were conducting research into terror tactics, radical ideologies and other suspicious subjects.”

“The PDB will continue monitoring all comms networks, and liaising with local security agencies via the Federal Justice Department.”

Vice President Jerome Archer hailed these results as validation of the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act, and stated that the PDB will help prevent the mass murder of Federal citizens.

Civil rights groups have claimed that these extremists could have been detected via conventional policing methods, rather than intercepting personal messages. Independent criminologists added that the statistical likelihood of such amateur groups committing actual attacks is low.
Hmm. Bets on the Federation creating a big radicalisation problem for itself by creating a huge song-and-dance about an insignificant problem with radicals. Kinda a futuristic Streisand Effect.
They largely got away with it with their earlier Far God crackdown, unfortunately. Not a surprise that they're trying again.

(Unlikely CG idea: as the Federation effectively criminalises social science research, Colonia trade CG to substantially expand the Tir Research Labs facilities to accommodate the exodus of researchers wanting to study 27th century Marlinist poetry in peace)
Well seeing as the Delacroix and cronies are supposedly naming NMLA leaders may be a chase them down CG. ie CZs and Bounty Hunting. Mind you that Imp Ambassador has managed to stay alive in Marlinist space for a bit without upsetting anyone so maybe something there.
So, I guess noone saw a new megaship popping up anywhere? Guess it's the Hesperus this week again then since none of the other Galnet articles hinted at any potential CG (unless we need to ship food and stuff to the Steel Majesty aka once again doing relief efforts for the Marlinists)?
For maximum T7 lolz Theta needs to rig the Steel Maj to ram the Marlinist capital station and the CG is to destroy Steel Mjesty's sub systems / zealot protectors.
Long range Guardian haulage ... don't think anyone guessed that :)
And they had hinted at it, too -

400k target - most recent comparable CG was the Holloway one, which got 317k of pod samples. This one is a much shorter round trip, though also much slower to collect the samples once on site, and in a more convenient location for most CG participants. Good chance it'll make it, I think.
No CG in GalNet? So something else happening somewhere? Whos on Twitter or Reddit and elsewhere?

Edit: ninjad by something happening.
It's up on the forums. I'm not on but I presume it's also on the mission board. Must have forgotten to just realise the Galnet article.
Well its not on the GalNet page I use from UK, but often see it in forums long before its on that page so maybe different servers or something? Then it was in-game with link to Delphi which took me to SysMap of Delphi not GalMap, when backed out of there and back to in-game Galnet (all of 15s) it had disappeared and still not there now 5 minutes later, someone is covering this up! :)

Delaines outcome is still there. Itll catch up or may need a relog.

Edit: In-game now but link to Delphi isnt. And no voice readout :(
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