CG predictions...

Hmm, local news in Haithis might not prove to be correct - not sure all the pirates have been neutralised 🤔



09 SEP 3307
Pilots Federation ALERT
The pharmaceutical megacorp has received sufficient materials to produce onionhead gamma strain as a medical treatment.
Pilots delivered shipments of H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Payment for these deliveries is now available at the starport from the pharma giant’s corporate partner, Haithis Purple Dynamic Group.
Bounty vouchers were also offered for all wanted ships, in expectation of pirate attacks coordinated by the Kumo Crew syndicate. Their megaship remains in the Haithis system, which has raised concerns about further retaliation from Archon Delaine.
An announcement was made by Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries:
“Thanks to the sterling contributions, it looks like we are on track to roll out the medically certified strain of onionhead to approximately 15% of all independent systems and Alliance systems for the 17th of September 3307. It will soon be viewed as a vital healthcare product for millions of people rather than a notorious narcotic.”
There has been some criticism of the Alliance, especially from Federal and Imperial quarters, for allowing the popular psychedelic drug to be sold legally. However, the Assembly reiterated that most Alliance trading laws are enforced on a system by system basis, and that the deal is only there because of the firm assurances and underwriting made by Neomedical Industries.


The Kumo Council has declared war on the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group for the latter's role in supporting Neomedical Industries. The pharmaceutical corporation's recent campaign in the Haithis system enabled the mass production of onionhead gamma strain, scheduled to be available as a medicinal product from Alliance and independent markets. The drug is currently distributed in a handful of anarchy systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. As hostilities erupted in the Haithis system, Archon Delaine broadcast a message for Neomedical Industries: "Did you truly believe you could steal from us and survive unscathed? Now your allies will pay for your greed with their blood." The Kumo Council intends to prevent the scheduled distribution of onionhead gamma strain as a medicinal commodity from Alliance and independent markets. Success would keep onionhead gamma strain's supply limited to anarchy systems selected by the Kumo Crew. Pilots supporting this effort can deliver combat bonds to The Mictlan megaship in the Haithis system. The two factions have set out seven-day campaigns, which will end when the top tier is reached by either faction or early on Thursday the 16th of September 3307.
Hmm, no special rewards. And it's going to be tricky to use ground combat bonds as the Kumo m/s doesn't have Frontier Solutions, so there is a structural advantage to the purples ...
Hmm, no special rewards. And it's going to be tricky to use ground combat bonds as the Kumo m/s doesn't have Frontier Solutions, so there is a structural advantage to the purples ...
That's no small advantage...

But I think most players will join Archon.
Hmm, I wonder what the CMs meant then. I suppose this is rather unique in that it could directly undo the results of the previous CG.

also going to be extremely disappointed if he wins and the system isnt razed to the ground, but oh well
And a 2 tier advantage could have simply been the demise of that native faction, since it's only present in one system.

But, oh well, just a threat to cancel the previous CG.
pff, these burgersellers...

I do hope the purples wins, else i waste 4-5h for nothing getting 2 accounts into to 50% and a 3rd one into top 75%
I was wondering if maybe the Federation would attempt to take back any of the recently 'freed' systems, and look what I found in Kuwembaa:


So I reckon we know what next week's CG will be :)

Edit: Maybe not - asset was older than I thought :(
Last edited: of five with the Feds? Are we placing bets on if Frontier will mix it up ever so slightly, or are we well and truly now back in the realm of filler CGs 😅
Hmm, don't see New Kuwembaa Labour in a War anywhere else - wonder if it is worth starting one so I can get on with collecting Bonds ready for next week 🤔

Edit: Scrub that - I didn't think it was in eddb, but it seems it was. So it may be just an old asset 🤷‍♀️
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