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Lakon Alliance Challenger "ICE RING" LA-607

The Alliance Challenger is a surprisingly good miner. It has enough power and hard points to carry the full compliment of mining tools. Yes, all the toys. The cockpit visibility is good as well as its agility. I just kitted one out for mining in ice rings with a detailed surface scanner, OA pulse wave analyzer, 1A prospector limpet controller, 2A refinery, 2 3A collector limpet controllers, a shield, 64 tons of cargo, 2B seismic charge launcher, 2 2D mining lasers, 2B sub-surface displacement missile launcher, and 3 1D abrasion blasters. No, I carry no weapons. I don't need them in solo. I start my mining after the couple of npc characters that spawn when dropping into a ring have sniffed around and left. The jump range and speed needed improvement so I engineered the frame shift to level 5 long range and upped the thruster to level 3 dirty drives. As it is now configured, it's a very capable miner. If Frontier would unlock one of the three size 4 restricted slots it would be a great miner. It really needs one more limpet controller.
I’ve tweaked my mining Challenger build above by removing one of the 2D mining lasers. With only four active collector limpets available it was simply not needed. One laser creates more than enough fragments to keep 4 limpets fully occupied.
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