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More manoeuvrable, more hardpoints, and tougher than the Chieftain according to the Lavecon livestream. That's not a Python-ish ship, it's a Chieftain on steroids.
I'm going to venture to say that it will probably be slower than the Chieftain or have less jump range. Or that it has more hardpoints but the same power plant and power distributor. Some small but critical drawback that keeps it from making the Chieftain completely obsolete. Plussed up versions of already existing ships tend have some drawback to them.
It can't be a straight upgrade. Assuming the mention of increased maneuverability in tandem with more armour wasn't a mistake, it will probably be slow.


If it hasnt got an slf, Ill maybe use it...I like the design even though it has that vaguely familiar look to something else, but its just a sci fi classic sorta design...shape...sorta.

I dont like the conda or the vette because I prefer the cockpit more to the front...trivial detail to some perhaps but its a personal thing, so Im more limited to imperial and lakon ships anyway and the chief was fun...its the naughty ship atm that does naughty things so ye...Im hoping fer a large ship with an slf...anything less and...well a guy can dream when pickings are few and far between...
Anyone have any speculation on what the new upcoming Challenger class ship will be like? I hoping for a ship with Python-like versatility!
I have long felt that the Python really needs a decent multi-role, medium pad, competitor. If this is the Challenger then great, but I suspect it won't be. Alas.

On the plus side, it may come with a pre-installed hula-girl bobble-head.
I like how the extra pair of engines are in the back. The current configuration of the chieftan may appeal to some, but imo, having the two in the front kind of gets in the way since both pairs are too similarly shaped and situated relative to the hull. Not saying I don't like the chieftan which I do where the challenger seems to be inline with how I would imagine improving the chieftan. I hope it stays medium pad , even if it's capable of carrying an SLF.
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