Dinosaurs Chance of small carnivores wounding but not killing medium prey via animation script

What people don't seem to get is every single direct attack and defense interaction is a script animation sequence. It's not like a simple random run over and when close enough, play the animation. So I have a second idea oh how carnivores unsuccessful of killing herbivores can be implemented should anything like it ever becomes planned.

Idea: A small carnivore, the velociraptors, deinonychuses and dilophosaurs, attacking and hurting a medium herbivore (excluding the iguanodon as that has a different approach to small predies) in a script sequence when both are in the same position as they would when a small carnivore attacks and kills a medium herbivore. Killing the medium herbivore if the attacks bring them to 1 health.

1. A velociraptor runs over to a parasaurolophus and jumps onto the back of the dinosaur.

2. The moment the raptor lands onto the para, the para's health will decrease to some degree.

3. The raptor jumps off the para at which point the herbivore turns around and makes a startled roar at the carnivore. Script sequence ends

4. If the dinosaur's health goes down to 1 point The raptor jumps off the para at which point the herbivore weakly turns around and looks at the carnivore in a limped posture. *When the sequence ends, the para dies and becomes a rag doll, or maybe the raptor finishes it off, which ever is decided or the sequence.
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