Change Anything

Just a simple yet odd question to get your minds going.

If you could change/add (e.i. Shops, paths, coasters, game mechanics, etc...) ONE thing in Planet Coaster, what would it be and why?

My answer would be:

I would create a system where you could advertise future coasters/rides (while they are closed and haven't been opened yet) and build up hype for it. I won't go into much detail.

Now, what would you do?
Add competition against another park.

For example, there's a potential of 10000 guests. The demographic indicates 50% teens, 25% family, 25% adult. You've more rides that interest teens, you attract more teens from the 5000 potential teens (a percentage higher than the competiting park because you've more rides that teens like). I think it would really add a sense of accomplishment...

Another thing, a true career mode when we start small in a carnival and finish to manage a big park.
Remove Collision detection!

auto align buildings to stations, it would make building the theme around them much easier
If you edit your station building and add a piece, then separate the new piece from the building, you will have a new piece on the same grid. You can use this to start your new building or scenery items, then delete it when finished. Might help you with alignment issues.
I would like actual working hotels. Just a shell that's called "Hotel" or "Reception" and then you can build your hotel around that.