Change the way shops/rides are automatically named.

"I'm so glad Standard Restroom Block 2 is free" was charming in RCT1 and 2, but it's 2016, this sounds really dumb. [haha]

Not to mention the numbers...the first coaster I built in a park was number 62...?


How would you like them to be named? [Obviously ignoring the fact that the numbers jump around mysteriously]
"Type of Coaster" and "Type of Stall".

Chief Beef.


Wooden Coaster.

of course we change the names of coasters, but things like bathrooms and shops should just be the name of the shop or the neutral "Bathroom", parsed with modifiers so that guests say something logical like "I'm glad [the] Bathroom is free!".
Ive played RCT for years, unless its one of my best most detailed parks, I stopped naming things a long time ago. The name system could be improved [up]
Yeah, I never minded "Motion Simulator 2 is broken down". But the parsing of the names in PC is pretty bad, even if you account for "It's okay for it to sound stupid like in RCT".