Changed options not being saved.

If I make changes to my options, the changes are not being saved.
I've just tried to make four changes to commands in options. Three work when I return to game, the forth reverts to a previous use for that key.

If I revisit options, ALL of the changes are lost, and I have to re-make them.
If I leave the game, then my changes are lost.

How do I make changes to options stick?

Links to videos showing the problem, recorded in the same session, just over 1 min each

Example 1

Example 2

Elite Dangerous Horrizons
OS: Win10 Home

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OK, found a solution:
I copied my bindings file as suggested here:
File location: C:\users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\EliteDangerous\Options\Bindings

Then renamed the copy (to Painter.binds ).
Changed the second line of the file from:
<Root PresetName="Custom" MajorVersion="3" MinorVersion="0">

<Root PresetName="Painter" MajorVersion="3" MinorVersion="0">

and save the changed file.

Back in game, under options and controls I selected the new file (from the drop -down), and made the changes I want - they seem to be holding
This is usually caused by there being a copy of the binds file in the same directory. The fact that the game looks at the Root PresetName in line 2 of the file means that it gets confused and changes don't get saved. The solution in post #2 of course overcomes this.

Remember not to keep copies of that file in the same directory though. ;)
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