Character Animation Apprentice

There are probably animation students among the group of potential modders. It would be great fun if we could get access to a base character fully rigged (under a strict EULA not to use it for anything but PC obviously) and let us make up some animations.

We should have strict guidelines such as length in frames, do's and don'ts.

The animation would be sent to Frontier who will assign an artist to give some feedback. The apprentice will adjust accordingly and send the animation again and hopefully it will be approved.

It would be a fun challenge, inspiring and boasting creativity among a group of modders who's more generalists than just modelers.
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This is a good idea! I can't rig but I know that people who doesn't work with the real deal (The work) have other thoughts. On school I have a subject "Technasium" this is based on the fact that Children think in a different way and with that in mind people from real brands "hire" us to make something.
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