Charicature artist and face painter

Most theme parks have booths where you can get your pictures drawn and other booths where kids can get their face painted... That would be a cool thing to see. Another concept I haven't seen mentioned yet is the dress up like old times booth and get an old picture taken of you from the Wild West or any other environment
Depend the country then ...

Because, in France, the only way you see charicature artist and face painter is ... in seaside resorts close to beaches, and sometimes in the streets, in large cities, but not in theme parks.

But maybe it's something everywhere else. I dont know ...
Parc Asterix has them.
Really ?
I went there several times, and I've never seen it. [weird]

Anyway, I just look on google, and apparently it's an American thing yes, but ... Why not ...
Same with the "old times photo booth" concept that appears to be a real thing in some countries.

We will have "Barbershop Groups" so ... [up]
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