Track Rides Charlotte Motorspeedway (Go-Karts)

I have recently begun work on a North Carolina themed park that will highlight different aspects of North Carolina lore, history, geography, etc. One of the aspects I have started and am nearing completion of is my Charlotte Motorspeedway themed go karts track. This would be my first blueprint that I would potentially share and is a work in progress. Would love to hear your feedback. I am currently sitting at about 3600 pieces.

Here are some pics:

and here is a teaser of my entrance themed around Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC which was the first permanent capital of the North Carolina Colony.


OK I have been working hard on detailing the track and it is looking alot better. Made a victory lane vista point! Made some stalls and picnic benches outside... Made a custom infield logo for the Coca-Cola 600!!!, Did some terrain work and put in a flag stand.

Let me know what you think...

I have done a little work on the area outside the entrance putting up some landscaping and short walls/curbing. I also have done some work inside the queue building putting some images from NC NASCAR history.

Will try to put some update pics up soon.

If anyone has taken a look at these images so far I appreciate it.

I would love some feedback on what I have so far if anyone is willing to offer some?
This is not meant as a criticism of a fine piece of building work, but how do the coaches and the large trucks get to the centre of your race track? In the 4th image above, the track has a fence all the way around the track.
Great question... At the real track they enter either through one of two tunnels under the track and into the infield area or through a gate near turn one that allows them to drive across the track into the infield area.

I made a quick attempt to create the tunnel near turn 4 and was going to make that the ride exit but ran into some technical snags with terrain interacting with the station and causing issues in the infield grass where I really wanted the focus to be on the logo. Not sure I will try to replicate the tunnel(s) but that is an excellent thought and I appreciate your feedback.
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