Checking skins in living dinosaurs.

Yea, I've tried finding that too and haven't been able to. It seems to only be displayed in the gene editing screen and on the hatchery screen when dinosaurs are being synthesized/incubated. After release I can't find that information on the live dino info; if you captured wild dinos and liked their coloration all you can do is guess.

Jens Erik

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I think he's asking if there is a way to know what skin you've applied to a dinosaur once it's been released. He is saying he's checked all the tabs in the dinosaur's UI and not found where the info is
Ah, thanks for helping out! Currently, there's not a way to see which skin and pattern colours you've applied to a dinosaur after it's been released.
Ah, thanks for helping out! Currently, there's not a way to see which skin and pattern colours you've applied to a dinosaur after it's been released.

It sure would be a very helpful thing, though, so I hope it can be added. My Capture teams brought back a really cool looking Dracorex and I'd love to know which combo it has so I can breed it later myself but the way it is now that's gonna be a whole lot of trail and error...

Which also has to do with the fact that we still don't have an actual preview of how the skin/pattern we selected actually looks on the dino itself before releasing it. And no, the tiny striped image does not help either because it looks nothing like the dino does when it's finally released in most cases. Really hoped we'd get a real preview when modifying the skin this time around but sadly we still only got a huge empty field in the middle of that screen instead of an image of the dino that shows us how the actual skin looks on the dino.

And then something like this happens...all the time: You select what you think to be a grey/black skin with a pale reddish/orange pattern because that's what the game shows you. And what do you get? A murky green/beige skin with bright orange/yellow's so frustrating and annoying, especially when you had to work towards this certain dino and were excited to finally see it with that awesome skin you thought it would have only to end up with the exact opposite of what you actually wanted.


So yeah, would be much appreciated if the team could do something about that missing dino skin/pattern preview in the future or well, if at least the colors would fit what is shown in the tiny thing we have now.
Thank you so much for the feedback. I've shared this with the devs.

Thanks a lot! I really hope something can be done about the preview thing. I finally wanted to add a Trike to my sandbox park earlier and the one I bred was supposed to be grey with a white pattern, but I got terribly disappointed when the dino was finally released and it turned out to be dark brown with orange stripes instead. That's really not cool or fun, only frustrating and well, disappointing :/
I would be fine with the current system if the colors in the lab were a reliable indicator of the resulting color scheme (even with the exact pattern kept a mystery), but like some of the later dlc dinos in JWE1, some of the creatures have dramatically different shades and hues between the color scheme in the lab and what comes out of the hatchery.
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