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Both systems added. Thank you for the direct and simplistic manner in which you contribute, as the name and screenshot help avoid any possible typographical errors on the submitter's part.

Truly impressive as always Lyrae et al.
Servitude is pleasure. Many within CoR find your BGS mechanical explanations to prove useful time and time again. We both play our parts, you and I.
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I was about to suggest adding our systems San and Vitri, but it looks like you were already ahead. Good job, have some rep :D
One I didn't find in your list, perhaps it was added only recently? (apologies for the lack of a screenshot just now, currently re-organising and cleaning up my screenshot folders, should be able to add tomorrow if you need it).
LHS 20
Software and firmware engineers turned politicians, LHS 20 Engineers seek to promote efficiency, rationality and impartiality into their local governments.
Thank you for maintaining a very useful resource! o7
After confirming Brani is not on your list:
Vector Security Solutions aims to be the front line of defense for all citizens. Using cutting edge technologies from restricted engineering personnel, Vector works to keep space safe from any who wish to disrupt the skies.

Edit: Chimba doesn't seem to be listed either:

The Pension Plan Commandos are a group of middle-aged space jockeys who value good times over dominance.
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