Christmas Day Snow globe

Heyo All

We'd been thinking for some time on what to do following on from Piralandia and we went with a western feel park and then the imagination dissolved some what lol. I then thought about what I could do for Christmas and with my fave guys doing a Christmas special soon Wikz and Pretzl I came up with a Snow globe, then the issue was what to do inside it, go figure?!!!?! I tried doing a mountain of sorts but just could make it look right with the height (maybe something for next year). Then looked into a tree and though what about the workshop, well there was some choice but again nothing for the size of the Globe. after 3 attempts at the tree this is how it finished, not great but not bad at the same time, the main issue was how to get a coaster to pop out of the top and after many tries with different ones I ended up using the Infinity coaster which came out perfect for what I needed, it's not to bad a coaster but the best I could conjure around the tree with my skills.

The Theme as you can tell is Christmas and the story really is waking up on Christmas morning and racing downstairs to see and open all your presents as a kid, but always waiting for you're elders lol, but at the same time trying to incorporate it in the Globe as a theme park, I enjoyed making the present boxes for the ride skins, the lit panels work really well day and night with the selected colour choices and designed patterns. Yes there's a huge amount of holly but it works doesn't it??? The Shot towers shooting out of their Boxes with the wrapping paper still on them looks amazing, I love the detail I put into it even if not to detailed like some. The train is great, I really didn't want to have to station above ground so down it went and this reminds of a train set going around the bottom of your trees or the ones you see in the shops lol.

you'll notice on your travels around the park that there's quite a bit of Disney themed items, I'm not going to deny it I am and always we be a HUGE Disney fan and it reminded me of years gone by and the presents I received and places I've been to at Christmas.

Again I'd like to thank all the TMTK designers and builders as yet again there's quite a few things that make this work all together.

Al together there was only 4 blue prints used and I want to thank them for their contribution:
@willibix - Christmas Ornament Achway
@De3De3 - Christmas Ride Entrance
@Hellflower - Double Sided Wreath Path Light
@Dniesjuh - Bow Snowman

Thank you guys

In total this took me around 55hrs to produce with 5 Rides and 27,266 items placed and in all honesty its great colourful Christmas scene in my eyes.

I hope you like and enjoy as much I have building it even if it was slightly frustrating at times and if you could take a moment to give it a rating I'd really appreciate it.

Slightly Premature but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year LMFAO!!!

Happy Coastering All!!!

PS if you feel you don't like this Blueprint or any in particular and decide to give it a negative rating please would you mind publicly or privately let me know what could be amended or improved as I'm and all Planet Coaster Players are willing to learn and see things differently.


looks great. that is a lot of glass work to get them spaced correctly to make the globe. Seeing as its a snow globe..where's the snow? you should try to incorporate the sane effects pieces to get some flurries blowing around in your globe.
It’s actually quite easy to do the globe once I got my head around it, it’s not perfect but has the right effect. I looked into having snow everywhere but it’s hard to hide the snow machine within clear glass and no matter what I tried it just never looked right plus it’s not meant to be a full blown snow globe as the very small story is a Christmas morning with kids opening their presents and enjoying them with a theme park wrapped in amongst it all. I put snow where I felt it necessary as per the snow on the ground under the snow fall.
Thanks for the words though 👍🏻
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