CI Tau star system.

Adding new star systems to the game is not easy. The Stellar Forge procedural generator that creates the stars and planets of the ED galaxy works from first principles: a mass distribution function, from which the stars and planets are then precipitated out. Suddenly adding a brand new star to a region of empty space would in effect "steal mass" from the other procedurally-generated systems in the sector - in effect, it would delete every procedurally-generated system in that sector of the galaxy and create a whole bunch of new ones.

What they can do, however, is take a procedurally-generated system already in the game, and replace it with a brand new star system of exactly the same mass. This is exactly what they did when they wished to add the TRAPPIST-1 system to the game after its discovery was announced back in 2016. CI Tauri is about 515 LYs away from Earth; they could take a procedurally-generated T Tauri star in about the right place, and manually edit it to create the CI Tauri system. I suppose it dpeends on how "wow" the system is.

Apparently, the CI Tauri system is "incredible and unique" because it has an 11-Jupiter-masses planet in a very close 9-day orbit? Well, there are plenty of similar "hot Jupiters" around, in similar orbits. That's not really "wow" enough for them to go to that much trouble.
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