Cinematics Fan Arts By a very fanatic player

Hello commanders o7, i am Yerno Drakov, i am a 🇫🇷 French Commander and i started playing Elite Dangerous for 8 months !

I really fell in love with this game which for me is hands down the best of all :love:

I'm also very interested in video editing, and I decided for a while to try to introduce Elite Dangerous to a lot of people by making very specific videos on it, it works ! I managed to bring about twenty people to elite dangerous and make them love the game !

I play on xbox one (The Green Shame on me) , so the community is not very developed, I do my best to try to give visibility to Elite Dangerous on xbox and in France 🇫🇷 !

So today I would like to share with you some of my works, understandable by all, just for the pleasure and the contemplation of this magnificent game ❤

(This is not promotion, it is only for sharing and exchange that I am posting my videos to you ;) )

Enjoy and don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it or to tell me what you think can be improved !

🇬🇧 Fly Safe Commander o7
🇫🇷 Que les vents solaires soient avec vous o7

-Commandant Yerno Drakov

Warning Guardians Spoil on the 2 Last Vidéos !
(I recommend that you skip them if you want to keep the pleasure of discovery)

(Guardian Spoiler)


(Guardian Spoiler)


(The Return at the Bubble from COLONIA)


(The First Try, recorded at COLONIA (Black Hole Spoiler)

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I haven't kept up with the French language since high school (over 30 years ago) so I won't try to use any here.
Very nice.
Very nice stuff, showcasing the things where the game truly shines IMO. (y)

Can't wait for Odyssey to release with more and better planets, and more stuff to do and find in them, so I can go again on a long exploration trip.
I'm so excited for Odyssey, I keep watching the trailers or the Devs Diaries about Odyssey, just imagine what we can do with the free camera 🥴🤤
I took French 1 twice in high school. Not my fault. We all did. The first French 1 teacher went insane (literally) so we didn’t learn anything. But that was 40+ years ago.

Just saying...
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