Civilian npc's in bases

Id like to see more life in bases at the moment there are only a few guards outside and some inside and a few officials inside(all related to direct gameplay) id like them to ad civilian npc's that are just there for immersions sake in these active bases that don't hinder or help the player in any way meaning they cant be scanned for access and will never attack the player even when alarm goes off but can be killed by player that will then get a very high bounty against them so make sure you identify npc's visually first before shooting they also wear more civilian like clothes inside and pilot suites outside, they will hide when alarm goes off or when shooting starts. These npc's ad the lived in human aspects of a community eat sleep and sit behind computers in non security areas repairing panels all over the base, working on a broken SRV's outside the day to day work, giving these active bases a lived in feel with more life.

Do not underestimate the impact of immersion on game play having good game play is very important but if the world feels empty and bareboned its does impact gameplay in the end.
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