News Clarification on Pollux Listening Post

I have shown my gratitude by visiting!!!

Hello Commanders,

We've seen some speculation that the listening post (D568) in Pollux is leading towards an in-game event/has a bug. This is not the case, as Listening Post D568 and its message have been placed in-game as a memorial for CMDR Tony Pox who sadly passed last year.

For everyone who has been or is considering going to Pollux, I'm sure CMDR Tony Pox would have been pleased to see so much interest in the system and how CMDR's worked together.

Personally I had no clue as to who Tony Pox was in fact, but i have went and checked the post myself out of curiosity and found the trip worth it, RIP Tony Pox
You will be remembered out here in the void...
Good afternoon to all CMDRs,
I would like to personally thank all of you who visited my listening post.
Well, mine as in... my father's.

My father, whose real name obviously wasn't Tony Pox, passed away last Semptember 2017 after a very short but intense fight with Cancer.
To avoid unnecessary details I'd like to just explain why I wanted him to be remembered- in game.

Mostly, as many can imagine, is a matter of connection and closure.
He never knew I would have done this- we rarely spoke in his last stretch.

He used to dream a space game in the shape of Elite Dangerous for a very long time.

Elite presented some challenges for him, not last the fact that he couldn't speak english but only French or Italian.

I only was with him the very few days of gaming in Elite, enough to teach him what he needed...

I can only say that he must have had fun as the playtime counter and what Frontier support could share with me paint a very clear image of his CMDR.

The odd choice of the message and placement of his Listening post is something I mulled over for the longest time, finally settling it for something that while apparently displeased someone it holds such a deep meaning to me and his memory that I can't think of anything else.

There's so much I could add to this but as with many other things- probably best is to leave everything shrouded in its own tiny little mistery.

Again, thank you all and sorry for the little trouble, I really didn't know the story arc would have expanded that way.

Oh'Seven CMDRS and safe Witchspace forever...
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