class 6 turret control

I really would like to use turrets on bigger ships but feel they are useless- or at lest gimbled is always better
what do you guys think about a class 6 turret control module? For use on bigger ships to stop turrets being effected by chaff. (perhaps improve accuracy too)
It would control and make 2 Huge (of course we would need some) OR 3 large OR 4 of any other size not effected from chaff.

Would you think that would make turrets a bit better?
It's a balance issue more than anything else.

Turrets require less effort/skill from the player to aim and shoot, but are affected by countermeasures, and deliver less damage (although in less maneuverable ships they allow you to keep firing for longer), while fixed weapons aren't affected by countermeasures but rely on player's skill. And gimballs are somewhere between.
It's as simple as that.
I think it's ok, although I'm not sure why there are no huge turrets tbh. In my opinion they would make more sense then small turrets.
Chaff isn't hard to deal with, just switch turrets to Fixed fire and shoot. Or get right on top of your target, point blank.
If it really bothers you that much, target the chaff launcher and destroy it first.
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