"Clever Girl" Competition


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Hello Park Managers!

When running a successful dinosaur park in Jurassic World Evolution, it's always vitally important to stay aware of everything that's going on in your island. Knowing what's lurking around every corner, behind every rock and in every bush could spell the difference between success and prehistoric terror. To help you train those awareness muscles into beefy instinctual traits, we're giving you an opportunity to take part in an obfuscated challenge!

We want you to send in your screenshots of dinosaurs carefully hidden in your parks. We want to see the dinosaurs that have camouflaged the most creatively, dinosaurs that have stealthily merged into their environments and that would best be able to make one Robert Muldoon say "Clever Girl" before the camera quickly cuts away. The winner will receive 2 Jurassic World Evolution Packs of their choice on PC!

Here's what you need to know:
  • Your screenshots must contain at least ONE dinosaur which is hiding from obvious view
  • The "Hidden" dinosaur must be visible enough that its location could eventually be found (No hiding that Compy behind a building!)
  • The image must contain no modified dinosaurs or image manipulation beyond the Capture Mode filters
  • The image must be either a Jpeg, Gif or PNG and should ideally be under 1MB in size
  • Please email your entry to community@frontier.co.uk with the subject 'Clever Girl Competition'
  • The competition ends at 11:59PM BST on Thursday 14 May
  • By entering this competition you agree to the competition terms and conditions


Community Manager
I already own all the DLC, could the reward be applied to future DLC or what is just currently available?

Hey there. The prize will only be for current DLC.

Can't use the appearance modification genes?

You can use cosmetic genes, you can't use anything outside of the game to change the appearance of your dinosaurs.

Is the prize only for PC? And if yes, then why?

For this occasion the prize will be for DLC packs on PC only simply due to prize availability. When we're all no longer locked away in our homes we may be able to offer other prizes in future :)
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