Clever ship names you're proud of

As a balance to the threads about censoring ship names, how about showing off your ingenuity?
I don't mean rude or "offensive" ship names, or clever ways of evading the swear filter (I have some of those, but I'm not going to advertise them so they get blocked as well), show us your imagination.
Here's my first offering. +rep to the first person who gets the joke. ;)


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I guess you'd need to define clever :D

My Asp has the White Pharaoh paint job and is called Isil.

"Isil was first wrought and made ready, and first rose into the realm of the stars, and was the elder of the new lights, as was Telperion of the Trees."

Isil was the name for the moon in Tolkien's works. It was also said there that the youth Tilion, who guided the Moon, was said to secretly be in love with Arien, the maiden who guided the Sun. Forever destined to follow her. Just as my Asp is forever destined to follow the stars.
Well, my Asp Explorerer is called the Itinerant Rover, which pretty much sums up how I explore... :)
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Before this inevitably gets shut down my FDL is called 'Tiw's Defiance'
Tiw being the Norse god of war and it's kind of a pun with choose defiance... Also he's got his own day
actually i remember it from magic the gathering.. but Conan would be proud too i guess hehe
Well, as long as it's not Haga...:)

Edit: I could have remembered useful stuff, like the 6809 instruction set, but noooo, this is the sort of stuff my brain insists on retaining...
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I don't know about "clever" but ...

My Cobra is the "Menomic Null Fail" (anag.)

My Asp is "The Wedding Anniversary" in commemoration of my epicly bad choice of day on which I used it to do my 15h22m Buckyball Sagittarius A* run.

My Imperial Courier is the "Sans Serif"

My Imperial Clipper (which I use for mining) is "Miner Threat" (after the seminal hardcore punk band)

And my Federal Gunship is "W@r B@st@rd" (after the Spaced robot wars episode)
(I also used to have a DBX which took part in a Buckyball Race from Fokker Dock that was called "The Fokkest Uppest" (from the same Spaced episode).

But....that won't be permitted in any station! ;)

Project\127000000001 is the name of my DBS, which on conception was uniquely given a tiny FSD and fuel tank and was used for working the BGS of a particular system. The jump range on it was miniscule enough that I could only jump to one other system, and from that system could only jump back.

Now, to give a clue, hopefully the IT boffins here will get it. All I need to do now is look up the character limit and see if that fits...

On a less nerdy note, have an iCutter that's now being resigned largely to multicrew combat with four turrets on top so I can permanently move its other MCs elsewhere. Has been named Disco Infernal for being chrome and the resulting look when setting to "fire at will" in a CZ...
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