Cloaking Device

similar to Star Trek, it would make use of the scanners for emissions or what ever it is called. Of course shields would be offline and you wouldn't be able to be cloaked and jump to another system. oh and no large or medium ships, strictly Small ones... lastly apology's for a lot of suggestions running on caffeine is a ton of fun!!
It should be possible to make a shields down emissions/visual cloak using an inverted shield technology. Since a shield uses some variety of monopolar function to allow passage of energy/matter in one direction, if the shield is pointing inward at the generating vessel, that vessel should be invisible (visualization is a reflection of light from the hull).

This would require that the ship not be generating thrust, and that no active emissions (weapons, active sensors, normal shields, etc) are functioning. You'd have normal shield charge cycle, and, if the ship wants traditional shields, you could only have one or the other active with a charge cycle for activating either.
As Old Duck already have said, night vision have already ruined this, and we already have this in the game, it is called Silent running... you know that option you enable that ends up frying your ship....

We could achieve this effect without actually enabling Silent Running, by carefully choosing ship and modules for heat efficiency, we also have the heat sinks that lowers your heat signature significant for a short while. I used this in great effect on my Diamond Back Scout back in the day, DBS was one of the ships that was particular good at this.

But all of this became useless when night vision was introduced...
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