Closest You Have Came To Disaster with an Expensive Ship

I was kinda embarrassed by it, but not upset cuz it felt funny-- my first trip out with my brand new Corvette, I had been gone from the game for about 18 months and was still getting my footing (I forgot all the controls and etc etc). I mainly came back cuz I had VR (but I always loved the game prior to my break and was simply too busy to retuen), and I splurged on a buncha ships so I could see their bridges in VR. I immediately take my A-rated but not engineered Corvette to a CNB, and I'm cleaning up pretty good!

There's lotsa smaller ships there so it's not as difficult as the ranks might suggest, but I feel like I'm doing great and I'm having fun with the NPC I hired. I see an Elite Conda and go off to attack them, and I don't notice they're in a wing of 3-- the other 2 are also Elite Condas. I attack and get roasted so dang quickly, I couldn't believe it. I hadn't had that happen before.

I had decided before the fight that I wasn't gonna run "just so I could see" how the ship and me handle things when it's looking dire, and I'd only run as a last resort, but after feeling semi-cocky from all the small ships I got my butt handed to me and had a big ol' re-buy on my first trip out with the Corvette. The moment to run would've been a few seconds after I started attacking the first Conda.

And I killed the poor crew member, but I was gonna fire them anyway and hire a Harmless one to train so getting my butt kicked helped me avoid the awkward conversation I was gonna have with the NPC when I fired them before turning in my bounties so I'd avoid giving them their percentage.
One day I have finally bought iCutter. Stock isn't great so I started to tinker with her. First thing was FSD, bought top A-rated one and went to Felicity to squeeze even more out of it. Somewhere in the middle of entire process I ran out of mats. Oh well, happens, time to get back to my Krait and do some gathering.

<fast forward the boring stuff>.

Ok, mats gathered, traders helped a lot, should be enough to finish G5 FSD. Switched back to Cutter and head out. On my way I have changed Thrusters for lighter ones. Shaved mass is good. So - I'm in Deciat, approaching Farseer's compound. Dropped orbital, gliding. Heading and alt is looking good, glide complete at 6 km. Purrfect. Boost and panel wiggle to get landing permission - got one.

Cool, level up and counter quick descent. Um... I said level up and counter descent. (terrain ahead) Counter Descecnt! (proximity warning) what are you doing! Ascend! ASCEND!!!

<distant sounds of big ship slamming hard into the canyon next to farseer's base. Mercifully sound is distant, dulled and not so loud due to thin atmosphere>

I was already greeting rebuy screen but I was spared. Double digit hull integrity. Tho 2 in front. Second digit wasn't much higher.
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