Cloud Stream Based Version ? or PS4 Version ?

I Don't have a good gaming PC (On board graphics card Built for Recording) but would happily pay a monthly Fee for Cloud Streaming based version. Could this be possible ?

or a Direct Port for the PS4 that has Mouse and Keyboard Support not a stripped down version. (there is already a Couple PS4 games that Support a Mouse.) Touch pad on controller could replace mouse if you don't have one. With the PS4 being more like PC I guess a port would not be that difficult.
The console stuff has a topic, so this might get merged, but I want to address your streaming point anyway. Due to the infrastructure required, this is done as a subscription service around $20/month and publishers are paid to have their games on the service, so a company like Gamefly or Sony would need convincing to add it also. The games on these services do tend to be action games, not more involved games that you spend longer on like rpgs or sims.

I definitely have a much more expensive computer than I did when rct3 was released, but there's much more of an emphasis on size and power efficiency now, so oddly it seems one that plays less current gpu-intensive games. I'm sure Frontier will have done their homework when setting a performance target though. Ultimately I think the key drawback of streaming is the same as getting a gaming pc - it's awfully expensive if you're only on the platform for one game.

As for keyboards and mice, there's been people asking for control schemes that utilise the Vive's wands or the Oculus Touch as well. It's uncharted waters, but lets see if they come up with anything in that area, then that would be applicable to Sony's move controllers. Keyboard support would be nice if a PC port for ps4 was eventually on the cards, but it would be much more successful if they have a good go at making fully-featured creation work well on a gamepad (and I do think even the dualshock 4 is quite flexible).
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