CMDR owned assets management

Suggested feature - a tool in ship where you can look at all of the ships, modules and assets you own.

I think this would be very useful, particularly for CMDRs who have been playing for a while and have collected a lot of stuff.

I know you can check in outfitting to see what modules you have, but it doesn’t seem to show where they are (unless I’m being thick). And there is the shipyard to check on ships.

BUT - you need to be docked to access those screens. It makes sense to me to have a screen accessed through one of the ship panels (maybe the right screen along the bar with engineers, holo-me etc) where you can see everything currently in your possession, where it is, what it is, any mods and livery selections etc.

Apologies if this has been raised before. But would be interested to hear others thoughts.
I love this idea! It is very difficult to keep track of all assets. Especially when you can only see ship components when you are in port and in that particular ship. And since we are talking about that year 3304, I would think the ability to keep track of all assets while on the move would exist. It does today in 2018. I can keep track of all of my current assets with mobile apps on my phone.
Cheers Andrego. Yes exactly, I think the ability to view all your in game assets would be useful to most commanders.
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