CMDR Prowler goes Colonia

On the 5th of April 3305 CMDR Prowler set out on a voyage to Colonia. Not one of those quick, get over with it, neutron-boosted turbo trips, but instead on a wide arch out through the Formidine Rift. On 30th of May 3305 she finally arrived, after >114,000 ly and >2500 systems, most of which have never been visited before.
EDSM travel map 1.JPGEDSM travel map 2.JPG
The little slope is from my "Palin run" last year, 773 systems, ~22kly. No specific waypoints underway, just picking the next destination ~1-2kly away in the galaxy map.

She made the voyage in her trusty AspX Jolly Jumper (and don't you dare to approach her with a bucket of paint, neither the ship nor the CMDR!):
Jolly Jumper docked.jpg
Some general numbers about the trip, as well as the stars and planets scanned, as they were tracked by EDD (ignore the "trip" column, just the "Last dock" is relevant):
EDD Stats travel.JPGEDD Stats scan stars.JPGEDD Stats scan planets.JPG
The "Unknown" stars are one B and three G super giants, which are not properly recognized by EDD. W.r.t. the estimated scan value EDD does not reflect bonusses.

But EDSM does, so here some more stats (please note that the totals here are total totals including the past before the trip):
EDSM Dashboard.JPGEDSM Exploration.JPG

The Exploration tab before and after selling the data (most of the data, still have ~150 million worth to buy me some station/faction favour):
pre-dock 4.jpgpost-dock stats 3.jpg
= 3.13328 billion so far - EDSM seem to be pretty accurate with its estimation, even though it can't reflect previously vistited systems by commanders that do not share their data with EDSM.

And with the raw numbers out of the way, what has she actually seen out there?

~~~ to be continued ~~~
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Well, let's start with some "random" assorted stuff. You know, stuff like Plae Euhm BQ-P D5-5, a system with three main stars and 8 planets, of which 7 are terraformable HMC.
7 terraformables.jpg
Not enough stars? Prai Eorg EG-Y g0 has a few more, which also make a nice picture even at a distance, especially when no skybox clutter disturbs the view:
Prai Eorg EG-Y g0 map.jpgPrai Eorg EG-Y g0 scenic.jpg
I also wondered what that strange black spot might be?! With a lense it got clear, it must be a black hole!
Boepps KX-U e2-0 BH 3.jpgBoepps KX-U e2-0 BH 2.jpg
Always fun "playing" with White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars as well...
Boepps RK-F d11-0.jpgBoepps YP-P d5-0.jpg
... until they find a way into your cockpit :eek:
Crazy orbits, like in Dryo Flee KI-K d8-14
Dryo Flee KI-K d8-14 orbits.jpg

A list of 28 ELWs I have already posted in the respective ELW thread.

And then there is Pyrali OZ-G d10-0 A, which is at 0.2734 SM apparently the lightest DB White Dwarf that has been reported to EDSM. My first EDSM record! (no fancy screenshots, as I noticed it waaaay later)

And as I can attach one more screenshot to this post, let's lead over to the next post with a shot from Eowyg Fraae ER-N e6-35, and while we can't see it here, one of these is 5 B a and has bio sites with anemones - too bad I didn't fly a little deeper to make it look like the ring connected those two...
Eowyg Fraae ER-N e6-35 5 B a bio (RosAne).jpg

~~~ yet more to come ~~~
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Well, I will stick around to unlock and level the engineers. How long, we will see ;)

And with that, on we go with geo and bio discoveries!
The first one some gas vents from an unknown location, but looks nice nonetheless.
The next one is from Praei Phla BK-A e6 A 7 geo 2
Praei Phla BK-A e6 A 7 geo 2.jpg
And one from Boepps RD-T e3-0 1 A geo 1 metallic magma, impressive Y dwarf rings
Boepps RD-T e3-0 1 A geo 1.jpg

Which leads me to the bio sites, as on the same body there are some anemones:
Boepps RD-T e3-0 1a bio 5 (CrocAne).jpg
But the first bio site detected on the trip was of the chrystalline kind on Synueduia OP-Z c16-0 B 1 B:
Synueduia OP-Z c16-0 biological2.jpg
And then the third kind of life forms I detected in the Floagh nebula, bark mounds at Floagh AC-D d12-1 4a (though I was definatly not the first one there)
Floagh AC-D d12-1 4a bio (bark).jpg

But it was mostly anemones I found, Flyai Phroo HC-U e3-2 5a, Praei Phla BK-A e6, Pyralao KX-U f2-0, and an unknown location...
Flyai Phroo HC-U e3-2 5a bio (RosLumAne).jpgPraei Phla BK-A e6 bio 2 (BlatBioAne).jpgPyralao KX-U f2-0 (PrasBioAne).jpgbio 1.jpg

~~~ still not done yet ~~~
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Last but not least - giants!
At one point about halfway through the trip, I saw a distinct star from the cockpit, and I tried to poinpoint it via the galaxy map. As I was still pretty far out, it was not that difficult, and with that the hunt for giants began.
The first couple were K giants, and once knowing what to look for, those are fairly easy to find, from the cockpit and in the galaxy map. Works best for MKG(FA) type of stars, as especially the first three stick out by their colour in the cockpit view. Like all these red giants (yepp, there was a huge nest with those):
so many giants.jpg
In the galaxy map MKGFA (super-) giants also stick out by the way they are depicted (bookmarked M giant, 3 more M giants in the lower half, and a G super-giant at the top marked with circles) - note the different shapes of the giants compared to their normal counterparts nearby:
realistic map giants.jpg
And then look for the luminosity classes, "I" for super giants, "II" or "III" for giants; but that requires hoovering the cursor over the stars in the galaxy map...

B and O giants are probably still easiest found by searching for AA-A H systems...

So much for the giant hunter lesson, on with the scenic shots!

What always makes for impressive shots, scooping (super-) giants!
Kyloalks EW-V e2-6393 A super giant, Kyloalks EW-V e2-2996 G super giant, Eowyg Fraae FR-N e6-38 A G super giant, Dryua Prou DL-X e1-5 A A super giant.
Kyloalks EW-V e2-6393 A supergiant scooping.jpgKyloalks EW-V e2-2996 G supergiant scooping.jpgEowyg Fraae FR-N e6-38 scooping G supergiant.jpgDryua Prou DL-X e1-5 A A supergiant scooping.jpg

Very rare, a B super-giant (only 124 reported so far!), Eowyg Fraae AA-A h17:
Eowyg Fraae AA-A h17 1 B-Supergiant.jpg

Also rare, twin giants, Eorgh Prou ZT-I d9-320 Twin M giants:
Eorgh Prou ZT-I d9-320 Twin M giant.jpg

The two G super-giants scooped above also stick out for other reasons:
Kyloalks EW-V e2-2996 at 3.25 SM is currently the heaviest reported G super giant at EDSM - my second EDSM record!

And then the one that is going to stick also in the game:
With Eowyg Fraae FR-N e6-38 A being the first G super-giant reported in the Orion-Cygnus Arm - yeah, a Codex "Reported by" entry for CMDR Prowler - would not have thought that was still possible with stellar bodies, half a year after the Codex launch!
Eowyg Fraae FR-N e6-38 Reported by.jpg

And so alone out in the dark, there comes the point when I always feel like somebody's watching me! Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-136 twin- K giants 418ls apart (~180 of those reported)
Eowyg Fraae GN-K d8-136 twin-giant scenic.jpg

~~~ Done! ~~~
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