Coaster Head worth it?

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I love seeing those pictures and they make me get really exited for Planet Coaster.
Is it worth buying Coaster Head?
I love seeing regular pictures but I dont want to see 1 like in 2 weeks.
Do I get a lot of pictures/reveals every week on coaster head?
Let me know,


Brett C

We generally give our coaster head club these bonuses before we show it off to the larger world (barring any one posting it to the internet [big grin])

- extended dev diary videos
- meet the team dev q & a's
- additional top pics.
- ability to vote on polls to potentially choose next weeks / weekends top pics to social.
a big +1 for the black t-shirt [rolleyes]
I think all the T shirts will be grey, like the one shown. otherwise you would have been asked what colour you require, like the size you require. There was no check on the colour. So I don't think black is an option.
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Everyone is different. I (personally) don't think it's worth it- not anymore anyways- as the alpha/early access is going to begin in a month or so.
big minus 1 for black. Black t-shirts have icky dye that I have problems with. Of course getting it is fine, but then I would not be using it. :p
It is not the fading. It is the dyeing process, many t-shirt makers use strong and icky dye to dye the black, that give off a smell that some people have problems with tolerating.

I do have sensory overload problems so I try to avoid bothering smell. (and lights, and feel, etc....) But of course I can't stop Frontier from using black t-shirts I just hope it is one of the few that I can use or I will give it to my guy.

The smell is akin to formaldehyde /mothballs. Many people do not have this problem with this strange smell and some won't even notice it.. But I do.

Also the smell will stick with the garment even after 10 years of use and washing (using my guy's t-shirts as reference)
Oh ... I thought it was a joke. Sorry for you.

Anyway, I just put a "+1" because some do not like "light gray shirt", and a "black shirt" would make a good alternative.

They will certainly use a supplier to make their shirt, so to offer a choice of different color does not cost them more.
And I think we should have the choice.
Letting us have the choice would be perfect. :) But I will be happy whichever way, just hoping I will be able to wear. [heart]
Haha on the RCTW forum they have a war about the game. We have a fight of the color of the t-shirt that you get [squeeeeee][squeeeeee][squeeeeee]
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I don't know if I'd say worth it. It's nice to get the extended Dev Blogs and voting on pictures is fun and all, but I'm not sure if the exorbitant price was worth it... I think I'll feel better about spending the money when I get the T-shirt and wristband.
May some of us, like the idea of spending some money at a middle-sized-studio for good content you see till yet and want to give that studio the ability to develope longer, with less stress into something, you really like.
^ Really that's why I bought it more than anything. The perks and stuff are fun, but I think it's important to show support for this game early on. From a developer's point of view I could imagine having the support (both financial and morale) of your community makes it more rewarding to develop a beautifully crafted game.

Me personally, I waited for a bit to see how the flow of communication and sneak peeks worked in comparison to RCTW. When I saw Frontier actively feeding the community, that's when I decided to buy into the Coaster Head package.
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