Real World Theme Parks Coasterheroes goes Farup Sommerland 2018

Hi guys,
It’s has been a while, but here am I again.
In the Summerholiday, we (my stephson Jesse, partner ,here he is known as Supernovae, and me ) went to Denmark ,Sweden and Germany to do some amusementparks like Farup Sommerland, Djurs Sommerland, Liseberg and Hansa Park. Early in the morning we left to Denmark, we had plans to do a big stop in Tolk Schau but because of the traffic jam and road works we didn’t had time for it anymore, so with some lunch and toilet stops we drove to our first overnight stay in Denmark, a campsite which was about an hour from Farup Sommerland and one and a half hour from Djurs Sommerland. A nice camping, with simple tiny bungalows. Good enough for 3 nights.
The toilets and showers were in a general building, for 5 Krones you had a shower for 3 minutes, I think that I broke my record to take a shower as quick as possible, it was also smelling to rotten eggs in the showerroom, so there was no reason to enjoy the shower, but oke, it’s to be fresh and fruity.
Because we reserved a campsite between Farup Sommerland and Djurs Sommerland, we could choose between this two parks, to do the next day. We decided to do Farup Sommerland first.
For Jesse was it his first time that he went to Denmark and Sweden, so there was a lot of things to discover for him. He could do all the rollercoaster in this park, because in the spring of these year he reached the 1.30 m length. The only attraction that he has to skip was Hvirvelwinden (Whirlwind) but that was an attraction we didn’t mind to skip.
Supernovae and me had been in the park before, in 2016 we had a kind of a VIP tour with the Coasterheroes (our closed friendgroup, with which we visit many parks),so we knew already what this fun park had to offer.
We didn’t take many pictures, but we made a lot of movies that we used for a compilation video.
The compilation video
All the rollercoasters of Farup Sommerland (if you want you can look at my channel for separately onrides). My name on youtube is Coaster Iris :)

And now…. The pictures!

Hello Farup Sommerland here we are (again).

Let’s start with the Wild Mouse coaster Flagermusen.

Besides the rollercoasters, Jesse also likes the attractions for children, so he wanted to go in the Den Røde Baron, oke have fun boy ��

He was looking for the booster button, but he couldn’t find it :p

Let’s do Lynet!

Time to hunt in the Safaribilerne, a tour with Safari cars for the kids.

A picture shot of the waterpark, we skipped it because it was too cold and we also didn’t have time for it.

Come on Jesse, you are almost at the top ��

A pirate ship a part of the Skattejagten ( a survival course) .

Let’s go the get dizzy in the Tønderne.

Time to do a Woodie

We are number one yeah!

Bye Farup Sommerland, till next time ��
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