Cockpit Customisation

Would love to have some alternative cockpits for each ship. Would happily pay for these in the store.

These changes could be very subtle;

- Removing the lights that sit in the middle of the screen on some cockpits (I don't fly the krait for this reason, as I find those big square lights horribly annoying, the vulture has pointless lights mid screen also)
- Moving the seats on some ships, to avoid the misaligned issues players talk about.
- Variations in the screen frame surround to give players different viewing options.
- Adding detail to show a messy cockpit vs pristine one.
I'd also pay cash moneys to add a buncha wires and scrappiness to nearly every ship I fly... basically, I want them to look more like the Krait, as if I'm holding it together with spit and duct tape. I don't know if having unique interiors to purchase is an easy task or not, though.
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