Cockpit Legs Campaign

Ok, now I'm intrigued! People want a gameplay mechanism for cockpit legs? Now we have one. I am all over the fancy coffee angle. I would fly a Diamondback Scout if it makes the best cafe mocha. I have totally changed my mind, I am now absolutely upvoting this thread. :)
That, Commander is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just image the angst when Commanders find out their favourite ship only has the old, boring drip coffee machine. There will be outrage, the internet will be awash with Open Letters, angry content providers lambasting FD on the youtube all demanding every ship in the game be retrofitted with only the best expresso coffee machines available. Then those that don't like coffee (damn heathens) will get involved, wanting to know where the kettle is so they can boil water for there tea - in fact where is the damn tea pot! And the young ones who haven't been indoctrinated into the wonderful world of coffee (and I guess tea) will be wanting a fridge install in the cockpit to store their favourite soft drinks.

And then the horror will dawn on all - THERE IS NO TOILET!
Single crew:
I am imagining the player complaints because of collision detection, player getting stuck issues. With no actual gameplay added.

2+ players walking around the cockpits? I realize multicrew is currently telepresence holograms. So maybe they can pass through the physical pilot and artifacts (tables and chairs). Wouldn't look very pretty, mishmash of visual graphics. And it would hurt any future ideas of having additional physical crew. (2+ crew walking around in a cockpit with full collision detection?). Overall it would really suck with muticrew. Again, issues & complaints with no gameplay added.

If FD can pull it off and its great, fantastic! I would love it The fact that they haven't after 6 years suggests its not a simple game addition.
I don’t understand why you think collision detection in the cockpit or between players in the cockpit would be such an issue when players will be running into each other all over the place in Odyssey, with rooms and planets full of objects to collide with.

The physical and telepresence question is still up in the air as far as what players know about it I think. If everyone is in their ships via telepresence, then how does that become physical presence when you exit your ship and walk into another player’s ship? I think it’s most likely that Frontier is just going to treat all characters as if they’re physical, in the graphical and collision sense at least, because it’s easier and allows for the required gameplay, such as FPS, but it will probably still technically all be “telepresence” because otherwise when you die you’d actually die, and lose everything.

Frontier has been considering fleshed out ship interiors with added gameplay for over 6 years, which would require a huge effort. They haven’t been considering this just recently suggested idea of cockpits only with no new gameplay for 6 years, so the fact that they haven’t implemented it yet does not suggest anything about the amount of effort required. I think they probably haven’t seriously considered it because they likely don’t think many players would appreciate it as an interim step towards more fleshed out ship interiors.
Bottom of the list for this idea. Many other interests are more important.
That depends on how you value things of course, and I’m assuming you’re speaking for yourself.

More generally though, the assessment is typically value over investment. A Product Manager will determine the value they think a feature will add to the product, and a Tech Lead will estimate the development time, which is the investment, and then work would be sequenced by the results of the value/investment calculations for each proposed feature, in descending order. There are exceptions to this, such as features that have promised delivery dates taking precedence over the rest, and in some cases development work to take advantage of perceived market opportunities will be prioritised as well.

With game development, the value applied to a feature may be informed by popular opinion or requests among the player base. While I do think a lot of commanders would appreciate the immersion and role playing value this proposed mini/interim-feature would bring, I don’t know that Frontier would make the same assessment. However, due to the relatively low required investment when compared to other features, if this proposal is considered by Frontier, it may be higher on the list than you’d expect.

For example, a feature that Frontier values at 1,000, and which has an investment value of 120 could be considerably lower on the list than this proposed feature if it was only valued at 300, but with an investment value of just 10, as the higher value feature would get a result of 8.34, whereas this lower effort proposal would get a result of 30 for sequencing, placing it higher on the list.
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