Guide / Tutorial Collector Limpet Controller Guide

Question: What collector limpet should I equip?

This guide aims to answer the question in detail biased on each controllers attributes and what situation they are best deployed for.

Staring with a quick understanding of the Collector Limpet Controller.
  • We only have 4 Sizes controllers available. Size 1, 3, 5 and 7.
  • As the size of the controller increases, the weight increases by a factor of 4.
  • 1E - 0.5T
    3E - 2T
    5E - 8T
    7E - 32T
  • Also regardless of the grade (A-E) the controller size determines the number of active limpets the module can deploy.
  • Size 1: 1 Limpet
    Size 3: 2 Limpets
    Size 5: 3 Limpets
    Size 7: 4 Limpets
  • All of the different grades (A-E) have a standard duration (Time before the limpet expires) regardless of what size controller.
  • E - 5:00 min (Short Duration)
    D - 10:00 min (Long Duration)
    C - 8:30 min (Medium Duration)
    B - 7:00 min (Medium Duration)
    A - 12:00 min (Long Duration)
  • The unique differences between the controllers grades and size are the effective range a limpet is allowed to travel.
  • 132013
Collecting all the ranges and braking them down into three categories, we come up with the following ranges.
0.30-1.00km Short Range
1.02-1.36km Medium Range
1.40-2.38km Long Range

Using a combination of Controller Range and Limpet Duration we can create a quick guide-line that pairs each module grade to a task.
Grade A - Ideal for Basic Mining (Long Duration) collection with (Medium Range)
Grade B - Ideal for Deep Core Mining and Piracy (Long Range) collection with (Medium Duration)
Grade C - Ideal for Combat Salvage and Piracy (Medium Range) and (Medium Duration)
Grade D - Ideal for Basic Mining (Long Duration) collection with (Short Range)
Grade E - Ideal for USS Hunting (Short Duration) and (Short Range) Collections

The Size of controller we decide to equip is biased on the ships optional internal availability and the commanders choice for how many limpets they desire to have active at any given time.

Additional Information:
Targeted limpets travel at 200m/s and will collect only the targeted object. It will then expire upon delivery.
Un-targeted limpets travel at 60m/s and will collect any object within range until its duration expires.


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