Colonia On The Brink of War

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Things we would be doing if CIDE sat down and made peace with us:

  • Finish getting the engineers squared away and all G5'd.
  • Set up a PVP hub in Carcosa or a little ways off thanks to carriers in our fleet.
  • Working with the other player factions to try and unify the disparate factions and make an effort to create a Colonia Republic. Maybe Colonia's colors aren't red, green, or blue - maybe it's yellow. And maybe it's not just a bunch of proxies for the bubble powers vying for control of the frontier.
That's a project that i would definitely support!! Especially the first part :)
Check your privledge. Not everyone wants or has the time to get a fleet carrier. Never mind the silliness of jumping Federal and Alliance ships one by one to Colonia. Sorry, but you're just an old timer pulling out Marie Antionette's line about cake.

People are still coming to Carcosa and buying ships. You're really suggesting we just tell them, "lmao git gud eat cake?"
No, I'm saying it's not a useful negotiating point any more for why your faction should remain in control.
Colonia can be much more than what it is. We can lay out a detailed plan of what we'd like to do, and seek the assistance of other groups - but someone will inevitably refuse and fight against it because it forces change upon a place that has otherwise become stagnant. The status quo will change.

That's what's happening right now, and has been happening since the Reapers arrived in Colonia. Is it to be a place where Commanders are free to do as they please? Can it be a place where folks can enjoy freedom from the constant tug-of-war of Powerplay and other factional divisions of the bubble?

Or is it bound to remain a private display of power for the "elite" of Elite?

Take your pick.

No, I'm saying it's not a useful negotiating point any more for why your faction should remain in control.
I guess ShinDez shouldn't remain permit locked by that logic. Every other station in every other system has the same stuff ShinDez has, you just have to find it!

FOH with that.
Seems like Colonia is becoming very popular.

Don't worry, I'll mind the shop while everybody's over there.

Hopefully I'll have weddings outlawed......
I mean, I'm keeping myself busy bubbleside too. Now I've got the carrier I've got no need to maintain a "home" system like I used to do, so worrying myself with such frivolities as "holding territory" is no longer necessary - and given that when I did maintain a home system I'd built a little flotilla of ships for the express purpose of being able to stir the pot a good distance away from the base, I don't even have to be working where my carrier is.

I wonder if civitas are paying attention to their bubble systems. Hmmmmm.
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